제국의 아이들

ZE:A (Hangul: 제국의 아이들), also known as Children of Empire, is a South Korean boy group formed by Star Empire Entertainment in 2010. The group is composed of nine members: Kevin, Hwang Kwang-hee, Park Hyung-sik, Im Si-wan, Moon Jun-young, Kim Tae-heon, Jung Hee-chul, Ha Min-woo and Kim Dong-jun. The group released their debut single album Nativity with lead single "Mazeltov" on January 7, 2010,[1] alongside their showcase performance five days later. The group debuted on KBS' Music Bank on January 15, 2010.


Hwang Kwang-hee

황광희 (D.O.B: Aug 25, 1988)

Im Si-wan

임시완 (D.O.B: Dec 01, 1988)


케빈 (D.O.B: Feb 23, 1988)

Kim Dong-jun

김동준 (D.O.B: Feb 11, 1992)

Park Hyung-sik

박형식 (D.O.B: Nov 16, 1991)

Ha Min-woo

하민우 (D.O.B: Sep 06, 1990)

Jung Hee-chul

정희철 (D.O.B: Dec 09, 1989)

Kim Tae-heon

김태헌 (D.O.B: Jun 18, 1989)

Moon Jun-young

문준영 (D.O.B: Feb 09, 1989)


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