KNK (Hangul: 크나큰; RR: Keunakeun; lit. "great" or "to be great") is a five-member South Korean boy group under YNB Entertainment, the company's first male idol group. KNK is an initialism which stands for K-pop kNocK. It means "to knock on the door of K-pop with their music." They held their debut showcase on February 29, 2016 and officially released their debut single album titled Knock on March 3, 2016.


Jung Inseong

정인성 (D.O.B: Jul 01, 1994)

Kim Jihun

김지훈 (D.O.B: Feb 20, 1995)

Kim Youjin

김유진 (D.O.B: Feb 10, 1993)

Oh Heejun

오희준 (D.O.B: May 08, 1996)

Park Seungjun

박승준 (D.O.B: Oct 08, 1993)


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