Noir (Hangul: 느와르) is a South Korean boy band formed by Luk Factory in Seoul, South Korea. The group debuted on April 9, 2018 with the album Twenty's Noir. Their first official music video was for the track 'Gangsta', Members: Shin Seunghoon (신승훈) – Leader, vocalist, rapper Kim Yeonkuk (김연국) – Vocalist Lee Junyong (이준용) – Vocalist Nam Yunsung (남윤성) – Vocalist, rapper Kim Siheon (김시헌) – Vocalist Ryu Hoyeon (유호연) – Rapper, dancer Yang Siha (양시하) – Vocalist Kim Minhyuk (김민혁) – Rapper, dancer Kim Daewon (김대원) – Vocalist, dancer, maknae (youngest member)


Kim Daewon

김대원 (D.O.B: )

Kim Minhyuk

김민혁 (D.O.B: )

Kim Siheon

김시헌 (D.O.B: )

Kim Yeonkuk

김연국 (D.O.B: )

Lee Junyong

이준용 (D.O.B: )

Nam Yunsung

남윤성 (D.O.B: )

Ryu Hoyeon

유호연 (D.O.B: )

Shin Seunghoon

신승훈 (D.O.B: )

Yang Siha

양시하 (D.O.B: )


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