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Fromis 9 (Hangul: 프로미스나인 or 프로미스 9; initialism for From Idol School; stylized as fromis_9) is a South Korean girl group formed by CJ E&M through the 2017 reality show Idol School. The group's name, pronounced as "promise" in Korean, also means "to keep their promise [to viewers] to be the best girl group". The group composed of nine members: Roh Ji-sun, Song Ha-young, Lee Sae-rom, Lee Chae-young, Lee Na-gyung, Park Ji-won, Lee Seo-yeon, Baek Ji-heon and Jang Gyu-ri. The group officially debuted on January 24, 2018 under Stone Music Entertainment with the release of their first extended play (EP), To. Heart.


Jang Gyu-ri

장규리 (D.O.B: Dec 27, 1998)

Lee Sae-rom

이새롬 (D.O.B: Jan 07, 1997)

Baek Ji-heon

백지헌 (D.O.B: Apr 17, 2003)

Lee Chae-young

이채영 (D.O.B: May 14, 2000)

Lee Na-gyung

이나경 (D.O.B: Jun 01, 2000)

Lee Seo-yeon

이서연 (D.O.B: Jan 22, 2000)

Park Ji-won

박지원 (D.O.B: Mar 20, 1998)

Roh Ji-sun

노지선 (D.O.B: Nov 23, 1998)

Song Ha-young

송하영 (D.O.B: Sep 29, 1997)


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